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  • The Next Trips - Frankfort, IL and South Africa
  • Specials - NEW T-Shirt - Melody Rules and A Guitarists Guide for Solo Playing DVD - Save Big Bucks!
  • Winter Online Classes -
    Beginner through Advanced Flatpickinger - Week of January 8

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Hi Friends

My last trip to River Falls, WI was wonderful. Jen and Tommy are the owners of Brickhouse Music in River Falls and are two of the nicest folks you would ever want to meet and work with. The workshop was packed and it was great working with the new folks and past attendees. Next year is already on the books for the same weekend and we will be adding in a Sunday Morning Mandolin Workshop as well.  Call to get on the list. It is limited seating. October 12-13-14, 2019 - Be there or be square.....

From WI, I went to Cocoa Beach, the home of Flatpik Central South, to assess Hurricane Irma damage. We were not hit as bad as others. Ours was wind damage. I understand it was 120-130 mph winds for over 24 hours. The east side of all the trees, shrubs and bushes are bare of leaves and the west side still has foliage. It is so weird to see. We had no structure or water damage though those around us did. Then the rains continued after Irma left. Still heavy rains. Over 27 inches in the last 6 weeks. Mushy....


Next week I go Frankfort, IL. I will be back at a killer store. This place has instrument candy. All the high end brands of guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles and more. This store is the great Down Home Guitars. I will be conducting my All Level - Award Winning-Hands On- Two Day Flatpicking Workshop Nov. 3-4.

Then a concert Saturday night with mandolin great Don "Donnie" Stiernberg. Sunday will be an Advanced Flatpicking Short Workshop and an afternoon Beginner/Intermediate Mandolin Short Workshop.

Then I'll head home in time to start online classes Monday through Thursday and then head to Africa Friday.


The Jamming in Africa Safari is set for 2018 with November 9-19, 2018 being the tentative date. This year sold out so make next year YOUR year!


That's the past and now for the future. I've got lots of great road trips scheduled for 2017 and 2018. Some into 2019 so check them out fully at Steve's Tour Schedule.


See you all down the road and be safe.



Steve's Live Online Classes

Beginner to Advanced


The Next Sessions Begin Very Soon so Register Today

January 8-9-10-11 Starts the Six-Week Sessions



Six Week Live Classes - Meets Each Week Same Time

One Hour a Week unless you take two classes a week.


Only $175 for the Six Weeks. That's Under $30 a Week.


It's Easy Steve's Way - Try It

Learn from the

World's Flatpicking Teacher

In Your Own Home

All Levels - Beginner Beginners to Advanced




Classes are Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday and Thursday. I am doing two classes a night - Eight Classes a Week. There is a place for you from beginner 101 to Intermediate 203. I suggest you to register for the class lower than you think you are because my classes are deep and highly involved. We go over tons of techniques, songs, topics, chords, fingerboard theory and much, much more. 


The cost is less than $30 an hour and each course runs six weeks. 


You get:

The Lesson PDF

The Lesson played on an MP4 Video

The hour long class recorded in a private YouTube link

Live lessons with me - the Champ Champ Champ.


I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and register now. Classes begin Monday. 


Click the link above to read all about it and the links below to register for the class securely through PayPal or go to my site and pay through our secure server HERE


The cost for the six week course is only $175.00. 

That's just $29.16 an hour lesson!



Register for Rhythm 101

Info and Registration HERE 
7PM till 8PM EST 
Start Date January 8, 15, 22, 29, Feb. 5 and 12


Register for Intermediate Guitar Rhythm 103
Info and Registration HERE 
8:15 PM till 9:15PM EST 


Start Date January 8, 15, 22, 29, Feb. 5 and 12

Register for Level 1 Flatpicking Guitar - Lead 101
Info and Registration HERE
7PM till 8PM EST 

Start Date January 9, 16, 23, 30, Feb. 6 and 13


Register for Level 2 Beginner Flatpicking Guitar - Lead 103
Info and Registration HERE 
8:15 PM till 9:15PM EST 

Start Date January 9, 16, 23, 30, Feb. 6 and 13


Register for Level 1 Intermediate Flatpicking Guitar - Lead 201
Info and Registration HERE 
7PM till 8PM EST 

Start Date January 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb. 7 and 14

Register for Level 2 Intermediate Flatpicking Guitar - Lead 203
Info and Registration HERE
8:15 PM till 9:15PM EST 
Start Date January 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb. 7 and 14

Register for Upper Intermediate Class 1
Info and Registration HERE 


Tunes we will Learn:

The Cuckoo's Nest (D)

Alabama Jubilee (C)

New Camptown Races (G Bb Tune)

Cold, Frosty Morn (Am/A)

When I Grow Too Old To Dream (C)

Jerusalem Ridge  (Am)



7PM till 8PM EST 


Start Date January 11, 18, 25, Feb 1, Feb. 8 and 15

Register for Upper Intermediate Class 2
Info and Registration HERE 
8:15 PM till 9:15PM EST


Start Date January 11, 18, 25, Feb 1, Feb. 8 and 15

Upcoming Tour Schedule


November 3-4-5 - Frankfort, IL

Down Home Guitars

2-Day All Level Flatpicking Workshop with

Concert to Follow OPEN TO THE PUBLIC with special guest - Don Stiernberg

Sunday Morning Advanced Flatpicking Class

Sunday Afternoon Beginner Intermediate Mandolin Class

Workshop info:

Contact Steve Haberichter to register or if you have any questions      Phone: 815-469-6321


November 10-20 - South African Jamming Photo Safari - SOLD OUT


Then it's on to:

Tempe, AZ - January 26-27 - Flatpicking Workshop and Concert

Acoustic Vibes Music - 602-295-5946 or email


Burlington, NC - February 9-10 - Flatpicking Workshop and Concert
Lowe Vintage Instrument Co. Contact or call 336-524-6250


Virginia Beach, VA - March 1-3 - Cabin Fever - Stop by our booth.


Kansas City, MO - March 9-10 - Flatpicking Workshop and Concert
Bradford & Franzke Fret Shop - or call (816) 283-0400


Clifton Forge, VA - March 23-24 - Flatpicking Workshop and Concert

Contact or call 915-525-6317


Buffulo NY - April 6-7 - Flatpicking Workshop and Concert with Doug Yeomans

The Bakery - or call 716 604-6931 or 716 570-6520


Chesapeake VA - Flatpicking Workshop and Concert with Amy Ferebee or call 757-434-5385


All info found at


Then on to Kamp Time YEA!



The Monthly Special!


A new T-Shirt For You

Melody Rules T-Shirt



Back of Shirt







A new T-Shirt from Flatpik Central - Melody Rules.

This is a dual purpose statement. Melody is the key to music.
A strong melody with embellishments is our goal.

Now it has to be true because it's on a T-Shirt. 

The front states Melody Rules and the back states the Rules of Melody.

Small Upcharge for XX-L and XXX-L.

Order Your's HERE

Steve wrote the book on Norman Blake..


Special of the Upcoming Weeks

A Guitarist's Guide to
Solo Arranging and Performing


Suggested Retail Price: $30.00

ON SALE - You Save $6.00!



10 Songs to Get Your Playing in Shape

Over 2 Hours Long!
DVD with PDF Booklet on the DVD
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

You’ve been at the guitar for a while but now you want to get out and play  at an open mic or even in a professional performance. You need to develop a set, get your playing chops together, build a repertoire and acquire the skills needed to get your songs and guitar instrumentals across to an audience.

In two hours of solid instruction, Steve Kaufman provides invaluable drills, licks, scales, chords and exercises to help with your guitar technique, plus solid advice that will get you primed for solo performing.

You’ll learn arrangements to ten beautiful and challenging tunes in a variety of acoustic genres - folk, country, bluegrass, Celtic and a “show tune” - that range from easy- to advanced-intermediate levels. Steve teaches primarily in his trademark flatpicking style, but he includes two fingerpicking pieces as well. Throughout, he guides you through the finer points of playing, arranging and performing each of the tunes.

Flatpicking: Amazing Grace. The Water is Wide, Randall Collins, Lament for Lowrie O'da Lea, Blue Ridge Mountain Blues, Celtic Medley, Alabama Jubilee, June Apple.
Fingerpicking: Freight Train and Grandfather's Clock.

Andy G writes: "Just got through watching your latest 2 hour instructional DVD “A Guitarists Guide to Solo Arranging and Performing”, and I have to say it’s the best DVD yet. Anyone who wants to learn all of the finer points on how to perform “Solo” Flatpicking or Fingerpicking style absolutely needs to get this DVD. Thanks again, Steve!!!!"


Order Yours HERE



Single Song Lesson Downloads

Just Ten Bucks Each - Download and Keep Them


These are 8-10 minute instructional videos of single songs that YOU have asked for. Very popular songs at taught different levels. Each video includes a PDF of written material in Notes and Tab. And the best part is they are only $10 each.

Check them out and get that guitar and mandolin out and learn something new.


Special Note: It's time for me to record new lessons. Send me your "Want List" of songs and I will try to get them done for you. Send requests directly to me at 


Over 100 great lessons on line at


Click HERE for the short video explaining the lessons


Click HERE for the Lessons


Try A Freebie HERE



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 Write Steve to see how easy it is to set up a

workshop and concert weekend in your area.


Help Bring Steve to Your Area


Send me a note and let me know if you or an acoustic music store or association in your area that might want to host our weekend and we'll take it from there.

write Steve directly at


Give a shout to see how you can bring

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Stay in touch and we'll see you down the road somewhere.

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