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What do you do with an artist who doesn't fit a mold - the one who feels like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole?  The artist who the industry says is amazing, but can't figure out how to market them? Or, as an artist, you create what you think will "fit", but know you can do something unique?

We get it - we have to have rules and ways to identify artists - from radio to awards. But, what do you do when someone creates something different? Or, their project is so diverse, how do you promote that artist or get them seen when the market is already inundated with those who ARE trying to fit in? 

 Some of the greatest artists ever known became icons because they were unique - original. 

Those are the artists we gravitate to - the more rounded artists. These are the artists that are able to write, sing, create, produce, perform their own original music, and can play their own instruments. They are also multi-talented in other creative areas, not just music, that enhances their whole brand.  Their creations are maybe not all the same genre or style, and some include other artistic partnerships in their shows. 


Together, we figure out whatever tools we need - and get to work on how to get that square to fit - maybe not in a round hole - but as they should, on their own.

Sometimes it happens fairly easily, and sometimes it takes a while.  Sometimes we end up with a lot of saw dust and splinters.

And, sometimes, we just stay outside of the box.

But, be assured, we will have tried our best, left our mark - and maybe even left some room for more "squares" to fit in.  

ZIGO - Live in St. Louis

and Filming with

Kinetic Tapestry

Silk and Circus Performers

preparing for live shows



"With the firm belief that each artist has their own story to tell, we do our best to help that artist be who they are meant to be, within the constructs of the industry as it is, but allowing that artist to create and take ownership of the gift they have been given.  From the creation of a song, to the analysis of how that song needs to be presented, on to the full production stage showcasing that song - we do our best to help give that story, set to a melody, justice."  


MONROEVILLE with the Fairmont Youth Orchestra in Kettering, OH 

Monroeville has performed for over 20K kids in schools in conjunction with Gibson, I'll Fly Away Foundation and Bluegrass Music Museum

For the last 35 years, I have had the privilege to work with Gospel, Rock, Bluegrass, Classical, Big Band, Americana, and everything in between.  And, it's that diverse exposure to those musicians that inspired my belief that music truly has no boundaries.  

  "Music is a communicator regardless of language or culture.  If you focus on the message through sound as well as words, just as much as the craftsmanship of the song, you don't have to worry what 'style' it's played in - the song will be as it should, and will say what it needs to." 


Why do we do it? Maybe it's just one song - maybe it's a lifetime of songs. These are the innovators and catalysts for the next generation of artists. 

Songs of the Fall performing in

the Czech Republic Summer 2017



Get in touch with us. Click on their links, sign up on all the sites, book them at your events, and interview them on your radio, tv and web shows, and in your magazines. I think they are all pretty amazing - and constantly pushing the boundaries of what they do with their creativity. 

Today we feature three of these artists - with more to be showcased soon. 

You may be surprised - I am daily.  But, if you're truly looking for unique, I don't think you'll be disappointed.


Until next time, 

Talent, Calling, Favor and Chocolate.




Headed by GRAMMY® nominated producer and engineer, Matt Munsey, Monroeville is a Alternative Acoustic group of multi-instrumentalists and vocalists from diverse musical backgrounds, with Bluegrass as a common thread.  From their inception, Monroeville made a conscious effort to create a new, original sound based around traditional Bluegrass instruments, incorporating the stylings of Rock, Alternative, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Electronic, and Classical music with their Bluegrass abilities to create a sound all their own.  It shows in their newest project, WORLDS APART. Check out the instrumental "Gallarojo" - it's pretty amazing.

While they have been working on original material, and/or in between touring, they have the privilege of playing for thousands of people a day in the Smoky Mountains honing in on their craft, and developing an energetic and entertaining stage show, all while gaining fans with one on one time from all over the world.  

As the 2012 International Bluegrass Music Association's Momentum Band of the Year, Monroeville named themselves after a man whom they all admired, the "Father of Bluegrass", Bill Monroe.  Mr. Monroe was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 and was recognized as an innovator and Early Influence inspiring many rock artists.  Monroeville is inspired to do the same.

"I was determined to carve out a music of my own, I didn't want to copy anybody."

- Bill Monroe



“It’s easy to imagine Becky and Josiah Zigo living in a house where instruments practically hang from the ceiling, as the pair clearly lives entrenched in music and performance art. Instead of focusing on one central role, each member attempts to squeeze every ounce of its collective talent into Zigo, transforming the bog-standard rock show into an exhaustive exercise in multi-disciplinary arts.”  

— Joseph Hess, The Riverfront Times

Becky and Josiah Zigo are classically trained in violin, guitar, and vocals, and each are private music teachers. However, their ability to take their training into a writing a commercial, but original, style is captivating, and it shows their dedication to their craft. Zigo's new project shows off their abilities in their writing of every song, and playing of every instrument on the project with exception of the drums, bass, clarinet and accordion - although they also have abilities to play those instruments. Check out their live show video on their site - a truly amazing band. Becky still performs with the University of MO St. Louis Orchestra, and Josiah has been a music teacher of multiple instruments since the age of 15! These two are some of the most fun, personable, and most gifted people I've ever worked with.


Songs of the Fall

Featuring 5 time GRAMMY nominated Cia Cherryholmes, "Songs of the Fall is country, bluegrass, and rock music that moves the spirit and reveals a first hand openness. There are lyrics that stir the lifeblood of their song's subjects, bringing a new generation's observations, driving rhythms of guitar and bluegrass banjo that makes me want to jig it up and throw it down, and then vocals that are so undeniably effective and bold with their core rooted deep in country music's soul" -Mark O'Connor.

I spent several years working with Cia's family, Cherryholmes, where her stellar voice and songwriting gained international attention.  Since pairing with Stetson, a gifted singer and songwriter in his own right, their songwriting and vocals are captivating. You feel what they write. Now living in beautiful Pagosa Springs, CO, the two can be found performing locally when not on touring internationally.  Cia is gifted in crafts and natural arts, and has been known to rhinestone several items of clothing for musicians.  Stetson is an avid hunter and fisherman, and has been featured on many outdoor television shows as a guide for prominent stars. The two have been known to take groups on packing trips in the mountains on horseback. That exploration and love for what is real and natural is rooted deeply in their souls, and it shows in their music. 



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