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APRIL 28, 2017


Music Lovers,

Hello from Saint John, the gritty port city. 
It's been great being around here for the East Coast Music Awards and taking in the humidity (which the instruments love) as well as all the amazing architecture. Let's get straight to the point today though - there's lots of new music to announce!

Gianna Lauren's fourth album is out in the world today. Grab your favourite mug, pour a little something in there, get cozy in your favourite chair and dig in, it's a beauty. We had the pleasure of seeing her perform last night and they were ON FIRE! See below for streaming links and insight from Gianna about each track via her Mixtape Magazine interview.

We're also announcing a new Paper Beat Scissors EP with a massive European release tour late next month as a band. We'll be sharing some of the music with you shortly but in the meantime, check the details below.


- Horse


GIANNA LAUREN - M o v i n g P a r t s


M o v i n g P a r t s  is an album of sinister tales of outer space, wounded souls, broken bridges, and burnt out feelings. Songs are inspired by highway drives, scotch and cigars, late night chats, and leather wingback chairs. 

As a result of scheduling conflicts, Gianna hesitated to release the album at all. “The challenges to making this band work forced me to re-think whether this band should even release an album,” Lauren says. “So I buried it.” 

Read Gianna's track-by-track guide via Mixtape Magazine // Listen & Order

Each song on Moving Parts channels a measured but mighty groove, yet occasionally surprises by shifting to psych-folk on the catchy NPR-embraced “Mistakes” and the outta-left-field angry anthem “Innkeeper”. Gianna's signature idle vocal tenor and cadence is particularly highlighted on tracks “Will You Come” and the dreamy reverb-soaked “Death & Beauty.”

“Take It Slow” was recorded live-off-the-floor with Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant, Justin Rutledge) moments after Gianna got the news that one of her mentors was out for a jog, hit by a car and died; but the lyrics tell the story of her grandfather's demise of an early and tragic death. The moment is captured in the recording. Despite the album's darker material, the band shows their warmth through the tropical rays on the downbeat “Tricks” which breaks open into a vindictive outro.


Gianna Lauren - M o v i n g P a r t s
Listen // Order CD Package + Digital // Spotify // iTunes // Deezer

"the soundtrack to a deserted beach: an eerie, at times tranquil and sometimes lively, melancholic feat." - FRIDGE FEED
"airy and atmospheric" - THE EAST


There are still a couple dates left on Gianna's tour with Pony Girl, see them in Quebec this weekend:

April 28 - Montreal QC: Casa Del Popolo  
w/ Camille Delean // tickets
April 29 - Wakefield QC: The Black Sheep Inn // tickets



Announcing New Music And European Tour

All We Know is an EP preview to a forthcoming full-length from PBS and was mixed by Sandro Perri. The album uses a familiar group of musicians you may recognize from Gianna Lauren's current release among others  on the label, and features a cover of a song by The Weather Station.

Recorded mainly in rural Ontario with Andy Magoffin (longtime engineer for Great Lake SwimmersConstantines) and Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire)’s Skybarn studio the broad musical palette present on prior Paper Beat Scissors is expanded once more. Long-time collaborators Pietro Amato (the Luyas, Bell Orchestre - French horn) and Sebastian Chow (Islands – violin) are joined by new in the shape of the aching viola of Pemi Paull and Andy Magoffin’s alto horn contributions on 'Didn’t Know' with Crabtree adding piano, clarinet, and baritone saxophone to round things out. 

Pre-Order All We Know (CD // Digital)

The band will tour through Europe starting next month, dates below, and will have Canadian shows for summer/fall announced shortly.

May 28 -
 Bocholt, Germany: Vogelhaus
May 29 - Hamburg, Germany: Molotow (w/ Wintersleep) // tickets/info
May 30 - Mainz, Germany: Schon Schön // fb
May 31 - Cologne, Germany: Weltempfänger // fb
June 1 - Münster, Germany: Gleis 22 (w/ Wintersleep) // tickets/info
June 2 - Wurzburg, Germany: Cairo
June 3 - Vienna, Austria: Haus Der Musik
// tickets/info
June 4 - Augsburg, Germany: Bedroom Disco // secret location, reserve tickets
June 5 - Munich, Germany: Theatron Pfingstfestival (FREE!) // info
June 7 - Regensburg, Germany: Heimat Regensburg // fb
June 8 - Prague, Czech: Potrvá // tickets/info
June 9 - Karlsruhe, Germany: Substage // tickets/info // fb
June 10 - Orbe, Switzerland: Hessel // tickets/info
June 11 - Allschwill, Switzerland: Out in the Green Festival // tickets/info
June 12 - Paris, France: Le Pop In




Alan Jeffries Bluegrass Band
May 06 - Halifax, NS: The Local (Bluegrass Brunch Matinee @ 12pm)
May 06 - Windsor, NS: Mermaid Theatre
// tickets

The Olympic Symphonium
May 13 - Parkindale, NB: Parkindale Hall // tickets

Dan Misha Goldman
June 02 - Toronto, ON: The Burdock 

Paper Beat Scissors - All We Know
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