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Tuesday, May 09, 2017




Wedding Dress video from Red Herring

We all know the term red herring to mean a diversion or distraction; something to throw us off a scent. It's an old expression, often used in argument, to describe an attempt to deflect your attention. But it's also the name of a fine folk/bluegrass group from the Netherlands, based in the South Holland city of Rotterdam. This Red Herring is a…







Sound Sessions from Smithsonian Folkways on Radio Bristol

Radio Bristol has been adding new programs left and right this year, utilizing the wealth of great music and great musical knowledge to be found in northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia. For the station’s latest program, however, they’ve…

It's time for Hazel in the Hall of Fame

Is this the year bluegrass pioneer Hazel Dickens is inducted into the bluegrass Hall of Fame? It should be. Then again, last year, she didn’t even make the ballot, a head-scratching development that seems to defy explanation. But just as…

Instrument display cabinets from American Music Furniture

Instrument collecting and bluegrass fandom seem to go hand in hand. So many of the people who follow the music also play it themselves, and over time even the most casual picker will end up with a handful of instruments they dearly love. Generally,…

Debut single releases for Grasstime

Nashville-based Grasstime has released a first single from their upcoming debut, self-titled album. It's their version of the Gospel bluegrass classic, Cryin' Holy Unto The Lord, which like most cuts of this song this past 40 years, owes a great…




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