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Friday, April 14, 2017




Medical fund established for Ernie Sykes

Among formerly young people, one of the most fearsome health risks is stroke. The warning signs are often invisible, but the devastating effects can be dreadful, especially to a musician who makes their living and their life with their hands. Recovery time can be quite long, measured in years, and if the stroke is severe, you may end up alive but…







Noam Pikelny rules the Internet!

Noam Pikelny's new solo album, Universal Favorite, has generated a lot of attention in the mainstream music media since its release last month. Some of this is surely due to his prominence as a member of Punch Brothers with Chris Thile, but we hope…

Reno & Smiley Fan Club on Facebook

Our recent post about The Reno Brothers reuniting for a special show during this year's RenoFest in South Carolina captured the attention of a lot of people who still love the music that Reno & Smiley recorded back in the 1950s and '60s. In the…

O'Neill's for mandolin from Mel Bay

For more than one hundred years now, O'Neill's Music of Ireland has served as a definitive source for lovers of traditional Irish folk music, at least the instrumental dance tunes that have survived to this day. Ever since its first publication in…

Flashback Friday #4 - That's Where Glory Can Be Found

If it's the 14th, this must be Flashback Friday! And we have another video to share from Foxhounds and Fiddles, the debut album from bluegrass supergroup, Flashback. In fact, this will be the last Flashbcak Friday, as the album drops a week from…




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