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Tuesday, March 21, 2017




Larry Cordle's Give Me Jesus coming soon

Since Larry Cordle's last CD release in 2014, All-Star Duets, he's had a rough go. A diagnosis of chronic lymphatic leukemia was delivered last spring, followed by treatment, which slowed progress on his upcoming album, an all-Gospel project called Give Me Jesus. Larry's leukemia is now in remission, and he is proud to announce that the new…







New Balance to Echo Mountain Entertainment

Echo Mountain Entertainment has announced the signing of The New Balance for booking representation and publicity services. Based in Indiana, the band performs regularly all across the central United States. They have a self-titled album on the…

Sound Marketing For Bluegrass: The future of radio

Occasionally, we share the content of our bi-monthly newsletter, Sound Marketing For Bluegrass, to give non-subscribers a taste of the content offered in this free email service. As these last two covered important topics in the world of radio, we…

Nothin' Can Hold Me Here from Sowell Family Pickers

The Sowell Family Pickers from Hempstead, TX have released a new single today, ahead their upcoming album, Trust in the Lord. Consisting of the twin daughters and four sons of Guynn and Cindy Sowell, the family band sings uplifting bluegrass…

Let Love Show video from Monroeville

It's bluegrass... it's country... it's pop! No... it's Monroeville, and their latest release, Let Love Show. Matt Munsey and the Monroeville boys are continuing in their efforts to take bluegrass to a different audience by merging essential…




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